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Feeling stuck?  Want the shortcuts and next level growth strategies needed to build your 7+ figure practice?

Join us as a


Monthly Insider

This program gives you everything you need to grow your practice - the right way - and without the overwhelm, without the heavy upfront investment, and with premium inclusions normally reserved for my signature program participants!  

- Access to 24 live coaching calls per year with Christy to support your accountability and implementation of proven strategies that have produced breakthrough results for dozens of advisors!
- One complete Strategy Pack delivered to your door each             month that outlines:
   o A strategy that's worked in our multi-7-Figure Practice...
   o A strategy that's easy to implement...
   o A strategy that allows you to work smarter, not harder
   o A strategy that impacts the bottom line... 
       ...and drives RESULTS!

- And to get you started immediately, you'll receive our                  stunning welcome kit, including 3 kickstart books to:
   * Get you started quickly
   * Outline 3 Foundational Practice Fundamentals You Need
   * Create the 7-Figure Mindset Required for Breakthrough              Growth

Create momentum and reenergize your practice from the start!

Click below now to join our community of energized advisors breaking through and teeing up their Best. Year. Ever.

Program Highlights: At A Glance

One New Idea to Implement Each Month
Step-By-Step Monthly Implementation Guide
LIVE, INTERACTIVE 2x Monthly Coaching Support 
(A $750 Value Alone!)
An Engaged Community of Growth Minded Advisors
First To Know About New Programs & Member Discounts
Members Portal & 
Toolkit Access
First To Know & 
Special Access To Speakers & Events

So, What Exactly Is Included In The Monthly Insider Membership??

Welcome Kit

Receiving our Welcome Kit is kind of like having your Birthday!  A gorgeous box full of practice building content and a few goodies is delivered right to your door.  We'll set you up with the foundational pieces you need to ensure you're positioned for success and that you'll get the most out of the program right off the bat! 

Enjoy stepping away from the daily demands of your practice for an hour or two to immerse yourself with the material in your Welcome Kit... Grab a coffee, tea or glass of wine, and get cozy going "old-school" with our 3 Kickstart Books, a pen, highlighter and notebook... and let's waste no time getting started on creating YOUR next level results!

Monthly Strategy Kits

This is the meat of the program.

You'll get a Strategy Kit delivered right to your door every month.  Efficiently walk the behind-the-scenes with me, from the comfort of your couch, as we show you the most successful profit-generating activities we've applied in our business... so you can do the same!  We'll cover one strategy in depth each month, walking you through the premise and rationale, pitfall prevention and set-up needed for success... and then we'll walk you through each and every step of nailing the implementation for your own practice.

I do this with a mentor in my own business and my absolute favorite part of the month is strategy day - where I unplug, cozy up and take an hour to shut everything off and read up on the latest growth and strategy initiatives...

...and then map out exactly how to put them to work in our own business - implementing what we've learned and creating a plan for impact and growth! 

Allow us to take the work out of starting your own strategy day tradition; when your kit arrives each month, just carve out some well deserved early morning, weekend or quiet evening time to read, reflect and work these game changing elements into your business.

By getting focused and implementing just one strategy in your practice each month... can you imagine the KILLER results you'll see in a year!?

Live Coaching Calls

You'll have access to our twice monthly members-only "Live Coaching Calls" where you have access to Christy and her team of experts to answer any strategic or technical questions you may have.
Christy has consulted for many "Hall of Fame" advisors, and is proud to have helped them to achieve record results, improve client experiences and attain top accolades... Her private coaching is best-in-class and is consistently waitlisted.

Yet this exclusive group has the benefit of having Christy in your corner LIVE twice every month for advice, support, trouble-shooting and HOT tips at a fraction of the private coaching price tag... so there is truly nothing holding you back from taking your practice to the next level!

Private Facebook Group

The Strategic Advisor Inner Circle Facebook Group is an exclusive private group for those participating in our programs. This is the perfect place to discuss your progress in the monthly projects, and to celebrate the wins!
Connect with other advisors at similar stages, cheer on and be inspired by the results others post and post your own wins as fellow growth-minded advisors cheer you on!

Don't Go It Alone

Too many advisors feel alone on their growth journey.  Especially after year 5, resources seems to fade, the path forward is less obvious, the growth levers to pull become less clear, and advisors are torn between the two extremes of trying to sift through hundreds of possible strategies and practice models and trying reinvent the wheel in building their businesses on their own through trial and error.

As a result, they often run out of time, money, passion or faith in themselves and their ability to reach the next level and plateau - with the keys to breakthrough growth becoming more and more elusive.

We hear this story over and over: "I saw early success but seem to have hit a wall... I've plateaued and can't find the right levers to pull...  I don't understand why it's so hard and there are so few resources when it's not like I'm the first one trying to build a successful practice!"

After seeing this happen to soo many advisors, Christy decided to create an opportunity to learn directly from the most successful advisors by sharing the step-by-step DETAILS of the most successful strategies out there - each and every month with a highly personalized approach and a done-WITH-you, fast-tracked 'doing' experience...

This program aims to provide the most actionable, profitable, supportive and powerful growth investment you can for yourself and your practice in 2021.

This isn't another online "mindset" course... 

 This is a high-end mastermind-style program put into a D-I-Y format exclusively for advisors who are serious about growth, but aren't afraid to roll up their sleeves and get stuff done!

Exclusively for Growth-Minded Advisors 

  • Financial Advisors who want access to proven growth systems and strategies...
  • Financial Advisors who will roll up their sleeves and implement the strategies in their practice...
  • Financial Advisors sick of talking, dreaming, excuses and distractions and who are committed to driving the results that will make 2021 their best year yet. 

What Other Advisors Have To Say...

Ready to Start "Doing"?

If you're tired of having a million distractions in your business that put strategic growth on hold...

If you ever wished that you could just have focus, direction and clarity so you can spend your time on things that will actually build your business rather than continue to spin your wheels...

If you want to reduce overwhelm, burnout and the numerous "bright shiny objects" distracting you from actually achieving results...

If you want to eliminate investing time and resources in building "half finished bridges" and projects that never create true utility or leverage for your practice...  

And Instead... 
Imagine the benefits of a guided journey and having just ONE new strategy to focus on incorporating into your practice each month...  

Imagine getting the exact steps you need to take - coming straight from a multi-7-figure entrepreneur who's not only been there, and who practices what she preaches, but who has helped achieve results consistently and repeatedly for dozens and dozens of top advisors...

Sound like something worth a mere $57 investment to try out... risk free?

Our Strategies And Experience Is Relevant To Advisors At All Stages... 

Ready To Have Your Best Year Yet?

We've taken the risk out of jumping in!

You can cancel at any time with just 30 days notice...  No locked-in contracts! No hard feelings. No questions asked. 

If you don't find the strategies helpful in supporting breakthrough growth... 

Just email christy.charise@nm.com with 30 days notice and we will cancel your membership for you.  It's that simple.

So... what's holding you back?  It's surely not the tiny trial price!  

Which, by the way, doesn't even cover the welcome kit, let alone the shipping!  That's how confident we are that you'll love the material... we pay for you to try it out because we  pour our heart and soul into this program and have 96% retention in the program month-to-month  to show for it!  A statistic we're exceptionally proud of.

SO, with 12 proven strategies to support your Best. Year. Ever...  and no further obligation if you don't love it... what do you really have to lose?
Terms: The Strategic Advisor Monthly Insider is a subscription membership that will bill $197 to the card on file each month following your first month's trial (the 12th of the month following your enrollment). 
There is no contract and your membership can be cancelled at any time with 30 days notice.
We're not only offering the welcome kit (worth $597 ) AND the first month's strategy kit (worth $197) for the trial price, we've removed any risk from the program... If the monthly materials and the resulting impact on your thinking and your practice aren't mind-blowing for the price, simply 
cancel your membership at anytime!   There's no contract and no commitment.
Disclaimer: results noted may not be typical. All results are a product of the individual advisor, the market they serve and are reflective of the quality and amount of work and time put in.  We can not and do not guarantee results.


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